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Christopher Tucker |
Hey guys, lost touch over 9 nine years, but Jamie added me in Facebook, just seeing what I've missed; What a great family you guys have; Please if you ever get to Montana look us up; We get to San Diego every few to take Josie to the Zoo and ocean, maybe we can meet sometime; Take Care
July 2 ,2009 22:36:00 - Polson, Mt

Jules Weber |
Hi; I`m just an adventurous internet surfer; I`ve accidentally seen your website; It really touched my heart; Bless the people like you with a good heart; Wish you happy moments with JR;
April 6 ,2009 15:43:01 - Switzerland

Webmaster comments   Wow! All the way from Switzerland! Thank you for the kind words!

Aunt Brandee |
Hey guys; I was just thinking of you and thought I'd write and say "hi"; It was great to see you guys for the holidays and I can't wait until you get a chance to come back; Maybe next time we will actually do some of the things we plan to do; LOL I hope all is well there and I keep you guys in my prayers; We love in miss you;
January 19 ,2009 12:26:50 - Paducah, KY

Crystal |
Hey guys,
Glad to see that all is well with everyone; I'm soo glad that he loves preschool; And it funny he has his first girlfriend;
Kayla loves preschool also, we had her first field trip yesturday; That we a handful; I work at the school now; I'm an aid for the preschool;
Kayla also has her first boyfriend; His name is trent; They are so cute; They sit together and play together and sometimes he holds her hand, it is so cute; Allan don't think so, but that just the dad in him;
Well I can wait to see u guys, and have fun for halloween; It is his first, but it is also yours too;
We love you all;
October 21 ,2008 03:15:30 - Cunningham, Ky

Hey There! I'm so happy for you two!Looks like you all are giving Joseph some great experiences and much love; Hope every thing else is going well;

Things are good here; Bobby & I are coming upon our 2 year anniversary; Things are good with us and the kiddos;

Email me sometime; I'd love to hear more from you;
October 9 ,2008 15:45:28 - Kentucky

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